2013 august trip to Brazil

P1050851  Kids are in good spirits in Fortaleza airport even after night connection in Manaus P1050878  Random pictures from first impressions in Fortaleza P1050891  Adza P1050897  Erika is my navigator
P1050903  This is how we get around P1050909  Lagoinha is a nice town couple hours from Fortaleza P1050911  Kids enjoy getting in the water P1050913  Few restauants on the beach but not crowded
P1050915  Hotel let us use their shower P1050916  Lunch P1050918  Fresh juices as they are meant to be P1050919  Arriving in Hula Hula Brazil kids instantly jumped in the pool
P1050920  Our cabana is the one with tower P1050921  Arianna on the top of tower P1050922  View from above P1050923  View towards the beach
P1050925  Our doorsteps P1050926  Breakfast area next doors P1050927  Jean Pierres breads P1050929  Luxury hammock
P1050932  Dog lover P1050933 P1050934 P1050935  Nica
P1050938 P1050940 P1050941  They put coconut shells on roads for traction in sand P1050942  There were these 2 vultures by fish on the beach
P1050945  Sandy beach stretches for at least 1 km and even then the sandstone rocks are only covered in high tide P1050947  Villa Mango cabanas close to beach are expensive ($400+) per night P1050948  They have a nice restaurant P1050949  Kids building shack on the beac
P1050950  Beach stretches in both directions P1050953  Not many people P1050954  Walk from beach to Hula Hula is about 5 min P1050955  We caught a crab
P1050956  Hiking to see what is around the corner P1050959  This is the perfect kiteboarding spot. It is protected from waves and still open to wind. P1050961  Looking at the walk back P1050962  Marking our spot
P1050963  Some P1050964  Free P1050965  Advertising P1050967  Locals get around on sand buggies
P1050968  Invisible running fish... They would feed by shore and then run away seemingly above water P1050970  Sandstone P1050972  Kiting starts around noon and goes on till night P1050975  Agua do coco after long hike
P1050976  View from Villa Mango restaurnat to the beach P1050977  Kite Cabanha is the kiteboarding outpost next door P1050978  Adza doing tricks P1050979  Erika
P1050982  Owner speaks English P1050983  Right next to kiteboarding area P1050984  Renting buggie to get to Jerri P1050986  Adza rides shotgun
P1050988  Sandy path in dunes 00003 P1050997  Kids love it P1050998  Nice to be inside and protected from blowing sand
P1050999  Our hotel in Jerri is optimized for kids P1060001  Treehouse P1060002  Ponny ride to town P1060003  Lunch
P1060007  Main street P1060008  Liquor alley P1060009  Magic spot 00004
P1060010  Sunset dune P1060011  Erika sandboarding P1060012 P1060013
P1060014 P1060015 P1060016 P1060017  There is defenitely a pilgrimage every night to this dune
P1060019  Us wading in low tide P1060020 P1060022 P1060024
P1060026 P1060027  Hiking to the hole in wall P1060028  Are we there yet P1060029  This spot was very hot on the way back
P1060032 P1060033 P1060035 P1060040
P1060041 P1060042 P1060044 P1060045
P1060047  Back in civilization P1060051  Nicest beach so far P1060053  Long tail boats P1060054
P1060055  Local streets P1060056  Local traffic P1060057  Our hotel P1060058  Path to our room
P1060060  On the road again. P1060063  Beer stop in some small town P1060066  Navigator P1060070
P1060075 P1060079 P1060081 P1060086
P1060093  Stripes P1060110  Umbajara at night P1060125  Early morning P1060128  Waiting for gondola to open
P1060130  Hike P1060132 P1060133 P1060134
P1060136 P1060137 P1060138 P1060139
P1060140 P1060141 P1060152 P1060155  Beach Park
P1060156 P1060157 P1060158 00005
P1060160 P1060161 P1060162 P1060164  Boats in front of our hotel in Fortaleza
P1060171  Carnaval location in Rio P1060181  On the gondola P1060184 P1060185
P1060186 P1060187 P1060189 P1060190
P1060191 P1060193 P1060194  Climbers on the Sugar Loaf P1060204  City down there
P1060208 P1060209  City lights on the way down